• Mountain swimming lake at an adult summer camp in Colorado


April, Nicolette, Stevie, Shelley and Beth met playing roller derby in Colorado with the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. After many years of practicing and traveling together for games and tournaments, we came to a realization. While we really liked kicking the crap out of each other and other people on the track, we also enjoyed time together doing other less… full-contact activities. Things like drinking beer, dodgeball, karaoke, and drinking more beer. Basically anything that lets us have fun and make fun of each other – we’re down.  

The idea for Camp Shenanigans was born on a really boring road trip. Beth was driving. Unbeknownst to us, traffic had come to a full stop just over a hill. While she was obeying the speed limit EXACTLY, we came over the hill and almost plowed into a line of cars while doing about 75mph. Thanks to Beth’s superior skills and evasive maneuvers, we were able to stop just in time. After driving up out of the ditch she put us in it got us talking about how life is short and there’s not enough fun in it. (A near death experience can do that to you.) We started reminiscing about when we were kids and didn’t have much to worry about except what we were going to do for fun on the weekend. And that’s when it happened. Someone said “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go back to summer camp as an adult and do all the same fun stuff except with beer and sneaking out of your cabin and not getting in trouble?” The rest, as they say, is history.

Beth Bandimere

Beth owns a semi-truck service and dealership in Denver with her husband.

Nicolette Cusick

Nicolette owns escape rooms in Tucson and Breckenridge.

Shelley Koehn

Shelley is the owner a successful roller derby magazine.

April O’Hare

April is a well-known professional wedding photographer in Colorado.

Stevie Wickman

Stevie travels all around the nation as a consultant.


Camp Shenanigans is about an hour and a half outside of Denver, Colorado.


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Bunk beds at a summer camp for adults in the Colorado mountains